To the Reorganized Church and the Hedrickites; Given March, 1900.

The following revelation was given to a council of six elders of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and six elders of the Church of Christ in answer to earnest and solemn fasting and prayer, desiring to know of the Lord the best way for both churches uniting together.

Elders of the Church of Christ (Hedrickites), Richard Hill, Geo. Frisby, Geo. Cole, Alma Owens, W. Halderman, L. Hartley.

Elders of the Reorganized L. D. S. (Josephites), Alex. H. Smith, E. L. Kelley, H. C. Smith, Jos. Luff, R. S. Salyards, Roderick May.

Verily, thus saith the Spirit: My children of the Church of Christ are not sufficiently humble or willing to submit to my will; they still contend against my words, and thus deprive themselves from receiving many of the blessings I have in store for them. Let them cease to contend against my servant Joseph, whom I called to bring forth my church out of obscurity and restore mine ancient order and ordinances, and this he did and was faithful to me; but because of the wickedness of the world, and the falling away of his brethren, and the failure of my children to keep my commandments given through him, I have taken him to myself.

Let my children of the Reorganization of my church, and my children of the Church of Christ, cease to contend one against the other, in the spirit of contention for mastery; but commune one with another in peace and loving kindness; and let my children of the Church of Christ cease to contend against the revelations I have given through my servant, because they do not understand all the things I have given. Behold, I have spoken as seemed good in me, and in mine own time will I make it plain. Behold, it is my will that you become reconciled to thy brethren of the Reorganization of my church, and join with them in the work of building up Zion and the gathering of my people, and the building of my temple, which I will command in mine own time to be built. Be not overly anxious; thy sacrifices I have witnessed, and am well pleased; yet in many things ye have been deceived. It is my will now that my children no longer stand in the way of the progress of my work; neither make thy brother an offender for a word. There are and will be mistakes, but they are the mistakes of me; they can not hinder my work, but will cause loss to those who suffer themselves to be deceived thereby. Be wise and obedient, and I will bless thee, and thou shalt in no wise lose thy reward. Amen. —General Conference Minutes for 1900.